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Health care in Fiji
Bluesky Magic
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Links Fiji works to improve people's health via education and medical assistance creating real change in basic and preventative health issues.

We are a Not-For-Profit organisation registered in Fiji with a focus on preventative health care. Sadhana Smiles is the Founder and we are supported by many local businesses in Fiji and Australia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create real change across the community and improve health through education, preventative health care and the provision of world-class medical assistance. We aim to engage people through everyday institutions such as places of worships, schools and village elders.

Our Goals

To establish education programs focused on women's health - with an initial emphasis on the detection, prevention and treatment of breast and cervical cancer - delivered through the use of simple, accessible and culturally-accepted communication tools that encourage community learning.

To run regular Outreach clinics to remote areas of Fiji, testing women for breast & cervical cancer as well as advising on and treating general health issues across the entire community.

To provide families of terminally ill children with the opportunity to create long lasting, happy memories of their time together though participation in our "Bluesky Magic" program.