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Bluesky Magic

The inspiration of "Bluesky Magic" came when we met Luisa a 16 year old who died of AML. Luisa's wish was very simple, in her first conversation with Sadhana she simply asked "make the cancer go away". Sadly we could not make this wish come true.

What we were able to do, however, was to send her on a helicopter ride with her family. They all had a fabulous time and we were able to create memories for the family that did not associate with hospitals, illness or death.

Luisa lost her battle with AML on Wednesday 10th of December 2008.

The Bluesky Magic program runs out of the Hospitals. Lautoka hospital now has two Bluesky Magic rooms for palliative and special needs patients. We are seeking alliances with local businesses and sponsors for this very special program. We work with kids in the children's ward who are in palliative care. We are limited to what we can provide in Fiji however weekends at 5 star resorts, boat trips, helicopter rides are examples of what we can do.

Stories of some of our Bluesky magic kids

A young 14 year old whose wish was to remain anonymous died of bone cancer 2 weeks before her 15th Birthday, her wish was to see the age of 15. They had a fabulous weekend at the Westin and the family photo album has many pictures of the whole family together.

Josafini died of AML 3 days short of her 2nd birthday. The family were to celebrate it together at the Westin Hotel however sadly this was not to be

Jeseva aged 10 died of Rheumatic Heart, he spent a weekend with his parents at the Westin, he loved the buggy ride around the hotel grounds

Rohinesh aged 5 died of Thalasaemia, he enjoyed a weekend with his younger brother and parents

Noel Fiu aged 15 is still battling a brain tumour. He celebrated his fathers 60th at the Westin and beat Sadhana at checkers - twice. Noel loves to sing and is often at the church with the choir, we wish him and his family all the best.

Click here to download the Bula Fiji Bluesky Newsletter.

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The clinics key focus is on women’s health. Women in Fiji do not have regular pap smears or examine their breasts for lumps due to lack of knowledge, accessibility, shyness and fear.

We conduct not just pap smears but general clinics where we also treat men and children. We see many women who have never had a pap smear and are unaware that they need to be tested every two years for cervical cancer.

Many patients have extremely high blood pressure or diabetes that isn’t controlled or is medicated incorrectly. Where necessary we provide medication and educate them on better lifestyle choices. We work with local hospitals to ensure we have a patient referral and follow-up system in place. We partner with local businesses, hospitals, schools, churches and other not for profit organisations to run our clinics.

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Our goal is to develop an education program that we can deliver through schools and churches. Simple brochures with basic information on the key issues impacting communities like the importance of regular pap smears, how to conduct breast exams, the importance of safe sex and healthy living choices like diet and exercise.

Basic education is also required on prevention and control of diabetes and high blood pressure.

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